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Fabric Barrier System - Crowd Control Barricade, Kit

# BARRIER-KIT 7 day production time$358.20 - $379.00 | Min Qty 1

These barriers are an easy way to separate eating, drinking, and smoking areas. Durable and very resilient to being pushed over in the wind, these canvas barriers are ideal for exhibitions and events for both indoor and outdoor which attract attention to your business. Easy to assemble and dismantle, these free standing barriers can be printed with your logo for maximum visibility and be placed to other Barrier Systems to increase the distance.

Provides an ideal opportunity to advertise the sponsor's brand name by printing their logo onto the fabric in their corporate colors. These types of barriers are used extensively at motor sport events, golf tees, outdoor shows, exhibitions and a whole host of other external events. Provides an ideal opportunity to advertise the sponsor's brand name by printing their logo onto the fabric in their corporate colors. Our cafe barriers are printed with UV protected inks and can be finished, hemmed, with grommets, or pole pockets to meets your needs.

These walls feature a light weight aluminum frame that snaps together. Easy to assemble and disassemble as well as easy to use, the Barrier Walls are a perfect add on to any of our other products or a great tool by itself. Barrier Walls from us look great in your stores, lobbies, and offices. Portable and effortless setup. The aircraft grade aluminum frame allows maximum stability and strength while remaining extremely lightweight.

Elbow Banner™ Rectangle Flag Kit - Single-Sided - 8.5'

# ELB-08-SS 12 day production time$146.59 - $162.87 | Min Qty 1

Display your logo, tagline, motto, special event information on a unique, attractive fabric way-finding advertising flag that will be certain to get you noticed. These advertising rectangle flags can be used at trade shows, grand openings, golf events, store locations, sporting events, product demos, in-store promotions and much more. Units can be mounted indoors or outdoors and are an effective and easy way to increase visibility immediately.

The original Elbow Banner™ advertising banner carved out the path for all other advertising flags/banners in the industry today. Since our introduction of the Elbow Banner™, advertising your event, location or brand has never been easier. The elegant Elbow Banner™ design will catch the attention of anyone who comes in contact with it. The unique shape and design of the Elbow Banner™ stands out in any crowd and can easily be seen in almost any environment. the system of the Elbow Banner™ will always keep your message or logo flat and clear to maximize your visibility in the marketplace.

We offer a variety of different sizes, product styles, and quality levels to assist with almost any budget. Economy & Premium models are available which include the option of a single or a double-sided imprinted flag. Create an indoor or outdoor display to launch a product, promote an event or grand opening, or simply generate foot traffic to your location by using a product that many companies have already found to be extremely beneficial to their brand.

With our famous rectangle Banner Flag Advertising Banners, your store is sure to get noticed.

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